For a family with children, there are dozens of things that factor into the perfect neighborhood. One of the most important factors in finding your forever home is the schools nearby. The home is perfect, but are the schools good enough for my child? A lot of times you get too carried away with the features of the home and benefits of the neighborhood before realizing the schools are not very good. Well, Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District is one that will truly make your forever home a dream come true.

Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District is a public Kindergarten-12 school district located in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. This district serves the majority of Grapevine and Colleyville along with small portions of Euless, Hurst, and extreme eastern Southlake (only commercial area). Grapevine-Colleyville ISD has implemented a 10-year strategic plan called LEAD 2021, which stands for Leading Excellence-Action Driven. There are four core objectives that include: preparing students for college and careers, harnessing technology for learning, fostering citizenship and mutual respect, and building community involvement. These objectives are creating a cutting-edge environment where students feel that they matter and are inspired to do better.

In 2009, the GCISD was rated “recognized” by the Texas Education Agency and currently enrolls 13,500 students. The district boasts a 95% graduation rate with 75% of the graduates enrolling in college. The schools in this district include Grapevine and Colleyville Heritage high schools, Grapevine, Colleyville, Heritage, and Cross Timbers middle schools, and Bear Creek, Bransford, Cannon, Colleyville, Dove, Glenhope, Grapevine, Heritage, O.C. Taylor, Silver Lake, and Timberline elementary schools. Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District has 125 digital classrooms now, so many students are beginning to rely less on printed resources such as textbooks and homework on paper and are also able to become independent thinkers. More digital classrooms are to come. GCISD has 11 national Blue Ribbon schools including Heritage elementary for its “No Child Left Behind” policy. Both of the GCISD high schools won spots on the U.S. News and Newsweek’s Best High School’s list. Four of the district’s elementary schools were selected in the 2011 National Center for Education Achievement’s Higher Performing Schools’ List. Only ten-percent of schools are identified as Higher Performing schools by this organization in the state of Texas.

GCISD engages in multiple measures that weigh in on student progress. In latest results, the student composite scores have been significantly higher on the ACT and SAT than state national average scores, indicating a great level of college preparedness. The number of students taking these exams have also increased. Many of the graduates within this school district go on to well-respected colleges, including Harvard and Stanford universities, among many others.

Even the educators of the district are among the best. Some of them have been finalists for presidential honors, some have been invited to attend the Supreme Court Summer Institution, and many have been recognized by peer organizations for excellence. Students of Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District have earned top honors in math and science competitions as well as robotics, debate and speech, music, athletics and many more. Several students have been National Merit Finalists, Outstanding Participants, and Honorable Mention recipients. Cross Timbers Middle School has a future problem solving team named “Got Ca$h” who recently earned the International Grand Champion title.

Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District would not be this successful without the support of the parents, guardians, and the community. The community offers a great deal of help and GCISD has been lucky enough to partner up with the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce. With their help, GCISD is able to offer students the opportunity to join a program called the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA) to learn about starting a business of their own and what strategies they can use. GCISD is one of only two Texas districts to participate in the innovative program. The district also takes part in responsibility for the environment. They do this by implementing programs that focus on conservation, recycling and efficient operations. Operations as such include regulating temperatures, sustaining a district wide recycling effort, Green Teams at every facility, no idling signs at all campuses, and monitoring water usage.

With all of this information, you can rest assured that your child(ren) will gain some of the best education in the area. The home looks great, the neighborhood is superb, and the schools are outstanding. There’s nothing to hold you back from getting that forever home in this prime community. Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District will give your child(ren) the education they deserve.

Colleyville and Southlake are affluent suburbs of Fort Worth, Texas, located north and almost equidistant of both Fort Worth and Dallas. The Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Statistical Area, also known as the DFW “Metroplex”, is one of the largest metro areas in the state of Texas. Colleyville and Southlake are just minutes away from the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. This area experiences a humid subtropical climate, so the winters are mild to cool, and the summers are hot and humid.

During the 2010 census, the Colleyville population was 22,807, so it’s a relatively small town in the midst of major nustling cities. Colleyville sprang up from small settlements that were established along the Cotton Belt Route railroad line. Colleyville was originally known as Bransford when Dr. Lilburn Howard Colley settled in the area in 1880. Colley was a distinguished physician and veteran of the union army. In 1914, the community named Colleyville in his honor, after Walter G. Couch opened a grocery store near Colley’s home. Colleyville is mostly served by the “recognized” Grapevine Colleyville Independent School District. This school district operates 11 elementary schools, four middle schools and two high schools. The high schools, Colleyville Heritage and Grapevine, are both well-respected by several national news outlets including Newsweek Magazine. A small portion of Colleyville’s high school students are served by Keller Independent School District at Keller High School. Other small areas are served by Birdville ISD, Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD and Carroll ISD.

Colleyville is a laid-back, friendly, small town with big city amenities. It has grown into a premier destination to live, play and work in. It would even work well as a bedroom city to come home to with a relatively easy commute to Dallas or Fort Worth. Colleyville actually landed on Money Magazine’s list of 100 Best Towns in America. If you prefer the smaller cities on the outskirts of bigger buzzing cities, then Colleyville is perfect. It sits at a comfortable but easy distance from world-class museums, professional sports, bustling business centers, zoos, unique shopping and dining and so much more.There are dozens of new homes for sale in Colleyville. The majority of them are upscale homes, including massive luxury homes that would cost millions in other locations. That’s one of the great things about the Dallas Fort-Worth area; it’s affordable! The affordability paired with convenience, sophistication, and a small-town community atmosphere come together to make the perfect place to live. The safety of Colleyville is also a well-known perk of living here. Even the big city Fort Worth is safer than most major cities and metro areas, and Colleyville is the quaint suburb.

Southlake is mostly in Tarrant County with parts in Denton County. This prosperous suburb is known for its public schools, Southlake Town Square, Wealth, Gateway Church, and Carroll High School’s eight-time state championship football team. Southlake’s history dates back to the 1840s when it was settled by pioneers. Settlements of White Chapel, Dove, Union Church and Jellico made up the town area, and it stayed rural until the DFW airport was completed in the 1970s. In 1952, Grapevine Lake was finished, and in 1956, the town was incorporated as Southlake. Southlake was booming once the airport was built bringing the population almost to full capacity with over 27,000 residents.

In December 2008, Southlake was named by Forbes for the most affluent neighborhood in the United States based on household income estimates. In 2013, the mean household income was $173,079, and the median home price was $523,960. The schools of Carroll Independent School District have been rated “exemplary” across the board, by Texas Education Association standards.

Southlake Town Square is a big deal in this city. It provides locals and visitors with a unique open-air lifestyle shopping center. There are over 120 shops, dozens of fine restaurants, and more, spread throughout 130-acres. You’ll find the best brands in fashion and retail along with a timeless town square charm. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience that is hard to find in this day and age. Southlake Town Square is thriving year-round with music and events like Oktoberfest and Art in the Square. Explore the many offerings from traditional to contemporary from one end to the other. This is a great place to spend time on the weekends with friends or after work to de-stress with a little retail therapy.

These small towns have the quaint southern charm you would expect to see in southern cities of their size, but they pair it modestly with a contemporary flair giving you boutiques, upscale shopping, and delicious eateries to enjoy in your hometown. Your home is not surrounded by the noises of the big city, but all of the great amenities that have become hard to live without are well within arms reach.

Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth are almost equally thriving cities in the lone star state of Texas. These two metroplexes boast incredible schools, homes, and job opportunities. They are family friendly and filled with museums, delicious restaurants, theme parks, entertainment venues, lakes, trails, and so much more. The housing market in 2015 was on fire for both cities, so are either of them going to become boom towns?

Austin has become the third fastest growing city in the nation and is among the forerunners in urban growth. The city attracts people of every kind, but it appeals most to the young educated population, graduates, and families with small children. Millennials enjoy Austin’s affordability, great food, place in the music scene, and wealth of indoor and outdoor activities. WalletHub is well-known to rank the cities with the fastest growing economies. For 2015, Austin received an overall ranking of nine, and it sat at number one for cities with a population of over 300,000. Austin also continuously sits high on Forbes’ annual list of the best cities for jobs. It received the number four ranking for the year 2015. It also ranked second place on the list of “U.S. Markets to Watch: Overall Real Estate Prospects.” Austin real estate is surprisingly affordable and attractive. The Urban Land Institute (ULI) Affordability Index rating for Austin is 154.24. The city has a large Venture Capitalist presence. Austin was even rated second on the “Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2015” report for investment, fourth for development, and first for home building. Austin has consistently shown strong economic and real estate performance.

Austin has also become a major tech hub. The tech industry has been prospering with 17 companies on the Inc. 5000 list. 2017 is expected to bring in 9,000 new tech jobs in the Austin area. There are other opportunities as well, including a variety jobs to meet all experience levels and ranges from service jobs to more high-end science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and technology, advertising, media and information (TAMI) occupations. 2015 has been the record-breaking year for Texas as a whole. For Austin alone, single-family home sales and prices set new all-time records. The demand for real estate in Austin and surrounding cities has grown stronger than ever thanks to consistent job growth and population growth. Everything is pointing in the right direction for this potential boom town so far. The relatively low cost of living, exponential job growth, exploding restaurant and music scene, ease of access, and lively atmosphere are bringing people from all over the country to experience the weirdness of Austin.

The Dallas-Fort Worth “Metroplex” has also earned impressive ratings this past year in particular. On the 2016 U.S. Markets to Watch report, Dallas-Fort Worth sits at the number one rank with Austin as the runner up. The rise to the top for Dallas is due to the remarkable employment growth. The employment is up by 117,800 job gains since 2014. The solid job growth is powering the local economy along with the alluring cost of living. The Urban Land Institute (ULI) Affordability Index rating for Dallas-Fort Worth is 184.91. The Dallas-Fort Worth market is actually the forerunner in the south region and one of the strongest markets in the country. The year 2015 was the greatest year the Dallas-Fort Worth property markets have seen in decades. Indeed, it topped the eighties boom on account of the the activity being based on economic fundamentals instead of fraudulent finances and conjecture. DFW experienced the largest number of fourth quarter sales of any Texas metro area as well. In fact, there were 21,803 homes sold in 2015, which is a 6.2-percent rise from 2014. Statewide, real estate agents were able to sell over 309,000 homes! A four-percent rise from 2014. That makes four consecutive years of roaring real estate growth and record-high housing demand.

Dallas-Fort Worth is also a major tech attraction like Austin. SmartAsset rated DFW as the fourth best tech city. There are 14 companies on the Inc. 5000 list located in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. The DFW is also strategically located, making it easy for corporate relocations and creating a business-friendly environment. Suppose 2016 isn’t another record-breaking year for real estate, the demand for houses should still remain considerably strong and prices are likely to continue rising. Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth have truly made themselves known through unbelievable growth and strength in real estate, employment, and population. It looks as though both cities have more than enough potential to become the next boom town in America.

So you’re about to move to a new neighborhood, or you’ve just now moved in. Did you remember to see if the schools were good? Will your child receive the education they need? Finding good schools is an important part of choosing where to live when you have children or are planning to have children. What kind of schools are you looking for when it comes to finding the best place to live? Round Rock is home to one of the best districts in the Austin Metropolitan Statistical Area. Round Rock Independent School District is a Texas Education Agency Recognized public school district. The city of Round Rock is in Williamson County and is part of the greater Austin area.

This district covers all of Round Rock city as well as parts of Austin and Cedar Park. Round Rock ISD spans over 110 square miles, including retail centers, suburban neighborhoods, and farm land. During the past few years, the number of students attending RRISD has grown significantly as enrollment consistently increases by over 1,200 students per year. In 2010, the district gained yet another high school (Cedar Ridge High School), a ninth grade center turned back into a middle school, and Round Rock ISD’s 31st elementary school opened in the Stone Oak subdivision. There are now five high schools, ten middle schools, thirty-three elementary schools and two alternative learning centers, totalling fifty-two schools in the district. Over 77-percent of the Round Rock ISD graduates take the SAT and ACT college entrance tests, and the dropout rate for students enrolled in grades 7-12 is only 1.1-percent annually. For the class of 2014 ACT, the state of Texas had an average score of 20.9, the United States had an average score of 21, and Round Rock ISD had an average score of 23.9! For the SAT scores, Texas had an average of 1432, but Round Rock ISD had an average of 1613. I think it’s fair to say Round Rock is creating a well-rounded bunch of students here in Tarrant County.

The Round Rock ISD has a significantly diverse ethnic base. As of late 2010, the total number of students in the district was 44,781 and the number of languages spoken was 77 (now 79). Also in 2010, the Round Rock Independent School District had 25 of its schools earn the highest possible rating schools are able to get in the state of Texas. This is the “Exemplary” rating, so over two dozen of these schools are top-rated. Round Rock ISD has the highest number of schools with this exemplary rating in any other suburban school district in Central Texas. The miraculous schools who earned this rating include: Westwood High School. Canyon Vista, Walsh, and Cedar Valley middle schools. Spicewood, Forest North, Caraway, Brushy Creek, Laurel Mountain, Fern Bluff, Canyon Creek, Great Oaks, Teravista, Cactus Ranch, Blackland Prairie, Union Hill and Gattis elementary schools. The district as a whole even received an exceptional rating of “Academically Recognized” in 2010 by the Texas Education Agency.

Round Rock Independent School District has many schools involved in the International Baccalaureate Programme as well. Anderson Mill, Chandler Oaks, Caldwell Heights and Spicewood elementary schools participate in the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme. Grisham Middle School and Westwood High School participate in the International Baccalaureate Secondary Years Programme, and Stony Point and Westwood High Schools participate in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Years Programme.

The special facilities within the district include: Raymond E. Hartfield Performing Arts Center, Technology Center, Central Kitchen, Brushy Creek Complex, two transportation centers, and two athletic stadiums (Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex and Dragon Stadium). There are also programs with specific academic or theme-based focuses geared towards students’ interest and talents. These include: The Academy of International Business and Economics, The Academy of Professional Studies, The Academy of Health Science, and The Academy of Visual and Performing Arts.

Teachers also enjoy this district for the great support, resources, technology, and culture. Round Rock ISD employs over 3,120 teachers, 610 professional supporters, 184 campus administrators, 46 central administrators, 536 educational aides, and 1300 auxiliary staff. Teachers with advanced degrees make up 29% of the teacher population, and the average amount of experience is 10.9 years, so a good majority of these teachers are seasoned and well-trained.

Round Rock Independent School District is focused on nurturing, compassion, truth, happiness, respect, creativity, research and self-actualization. The district provides students with a commendable education, direction and support to inspire every student to find themselves and realize their capabilities while also becoming responsible contributing members of society.

Round Rock ISD is in a beautiful and affordable location, so finding a great neighborhood and home is going to be easy. If you have children or plan on having children, now you know they will be taken care of when it’s time to go to school. They will be given incredible opportunities and an exemplary education.

Walking down the street with a bounce in your step, hearing the sound of your favorite song and smelling the mouthwatering aroma of Texas barbecue. That’s an everyday thing for Austinites. Austinites live in the laid-back city that you’ve heard of and probably dreamt of visiting on occasion. Austin is the state capital of Texas and the county seat of Travis County. Austin is also known as the Live Music Capital of the World. You may have heard the saying “Keep Austin Weird” because the locals intend on keeping the quirky and artsy personality in tact while supporting their small businesses. Austin is a community that accepts and supports each other, keeping the city “weird” as a unit.

Austin is the second largest state capital in the United States, and it is the 11th most populous city in the nation. During the 2014 census, the population was about 912,791. Austin and surrounding cities make up the Austin-Round Rock Metropolitan Area. This area has recently seen record breaking highs in homes for sale due to population growth and rapidly increasing employment opportunities. The Austin real estate market has actually been better than ever due to exponential job and population growth. Austin is located on the Colorado River, and has three man-made lakes within city limits. These lakes are Lady Bird Lake, Lake Austin, and Walter E. Long Lake. The climate is humid subtropical, so the summers are hot and humid while the winters are relatively mild to cool. Austin has some characteristics of desert, tropics, and wetter climates.

The earliest inhabitants known to live in Austin were there during the late Pleistocene (Ice Age era. They were linked to the Clovis culture around 9200 BC, more than 11,000 years ago. Around the early 1700s, European settlers first arrived in the early to the Tonkawa Tribe. Other tribes known to pass through the area include the Comanches and Lips Apaches. From 1835 to 1836, Texas went to war to gain independence from Mexico and won. Texas was its own country with its own president, congress, and monetary system. In 1839, the president at the time was in search of a capital site to name for Stephen F. Austin. The town of Waterloo was chosen because it was filled with waterways, hills, and gorgeous surroundings. The town name changed to Austin.

Today, Texas is a part of the United States, but Austin is still the capital that is filled with waterways, hills and gorgeous surroundings. Austin has actually been established as one of Texas’ major metropolitan centers. The University of Texas is located here, bringing in educated young adults from all over the country to the city to learn and explore. Ever since the seventies, Austin has been a live music attraction starting off with locals such as Willie Nelson, Asleep at the Wheel, Stevie Ray Vaughan and iconic music venues like the Armadillo World Headquarters. Now, there are over 250 music venues and a brilliant art scene painting the streets of this eccentric city. One of the most popular annual happenings is South by Southwest. This set happens in mid-March around spring break, and it continues to grow in scope and size each year. South by Southwest includes conferences, music, film premiers, trade shows, interactive festivals, and more. Lots of big budget films premiere and over a hundred artists play while Austinites and visitors have the time of their lives with friends and locals.

Aside from the constant live music you’ll be able to enjoy in the city, there is so much more that Austin has to offer. You can pack a few snacks and head to Hamilton Pool, the miraculous natural swimming pool in a canyon, surrounded by a grotto, with a 50 ft waterfall above. Another water-related activity you’ll never forget is seeing the bats under Congress Bridge. Over a million bats fly out from beneath the bridge at dusk, and you can rent out a boat to picnic on while you wait. If you would rather not rent a boat out, the best place to see them is by standing on Congress Bridge. Ready for another swim? Jump into the 70-degree all year round Barton Springs Pool, another natural waterhole that Austinites get to enjoy. There are plenty of places to go hiking and cycling throughout the city, so there is absolutely no shortage of outdoor activities. The obvious places like the Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary and Zilker Botanical Gardens are also great ways to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Austin is also full of extraordinary shops and eateries. One in particular is a one-of-a-kind bazaar filled from top to bottom with dolls, furniture, jewelry, taxidermied animals, mysterious antique photos, and hundreds of other nostalgic findings waiting for you to discover them. Uncommon Objects has been referred to as “your eccentric uncle’s attic on steroids,” and honestly, what could be more exciting? The food will exceed your expectations by a landslide. Some of the best places include Rosita’s Al Pastor, Gourdough’s, Oasis, Kerbey Lane Cafe, Casa Colombia, East Side Cafe, Shabu, and just about everywhere else. Austin is truly a food city, so if you love culinary masterpieces, you may find yourself lost in this city.

Fort Worth is a happy medium between modern day glam and wild western rodeo. The city is full of culture, shopping, museums, stockyards, performance venues, and some of the best Tex-Mex and BBQ in the state. Fort Worth is part of the Dallas-Forth Worth-Arlington Metropolitan area known as the DFW “Metroplex”, and the DFW real estate market has been record breaking this past year. Fort Worth is in the county seat of Tarrant County, and it also extends into counties of Denton, Parker, and Wise. The 2014 census calculated a population of 812,238, so although Fort Worth is not quite as famous as Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, or Houston, it is still a major and successful Texas city. It’s the second largest in the metro area and the 16th largest city in the state. The climate is humid subtropical, so summers can get pretty hot, but the winters are rather mild to moderate.

Fort Worth is known by many as “Cowtown” because of its cattle drive history. Millions of cattle were herded through the area. Another nickname for the city is the “Place Where the West Begins.” Fort Worth originated as an army outpost in 1849. General William Jenkins Worth established the outpost as a camp to protect settlers from the Native Americans. The post was officially named Fort Worth in November of 1849 by the U.S. War Department. Fort Worth became a terminus for Yuma, Arizona and San Diego, California after railways were installed. The stockyards in Fort Worth transformed the city into a livestock center during the wild era of cattle drives that would pass through. This era brought gambling, parlors, saloons, and bakeries to town. During the World War One era, Camp Bowie was established and trained over 100,000 men for the Army and Air Force. Now, Fort Worth is a center for higher education with Texas Christian University, Texas Wesleyan University, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, University of North Texas Science Center, University of Texas and Arlington Fort Worth campus, and more. The city has boomed and modernized, but still continues to celebrate its Wild West heritage. Homes for sale in Fort Worth now show how incredibly far the city has come since the wild western days. You can find an astoundingly affordable starter home in a comfortable neighborhood with great schools. On the other hand, you will see eight-million-dollar luxury estates that will blow you away.

Fort Worth has now become the “City of Cowboys and Culture” with the world’s largest indoor rodeo. There is so much to experience in Fort Worth in the Cultural District, the Stockyards National Historic District, Sundance Square, Bass Performance Hall, Fort Worth Zoo with the Museum of Living Art, Texas Motor Speedway, and countless restaurants and shops throughout the city. The variety of entertainment districts offer something for everyone to enjoy. From dancing to rodeo, tex-mex and barbecue to award-winning restaurants, some of America’s finest museums to a Top 5 zoo, NASCAR to Texas Ballet Theater. Find out which district best suits you. The Cultural District is a few miles south of downtown, and it’s an incredible way to spend time with your family, explore different types of art masterpieces, and enjoy the fresh air. Step into the Wild West at the Stockyards National Historic District where you can get a taste of what it was like back in the Wild West era. There are multiple daily cattle drives, a weekly championship rodeo, concerts, museums, authentic western wear, Texas-style restaurants, and kid-friendly activities like the petting zoo and maze. Sundance Square is a like world of its own. One of the best things about Fort Worth is that unlike most major cities, the downtown area is safe and inviting. Sundance Square, a 35-block shopping and entertainment center, is right in the heart of the clean, safe and walkable downtown area. The charming district welcomes you with hundreds of locals and visitors enjoying the restaurants, shops, galleries and entertainment venues. You could spend an entire weekend exploring Sundance Square. Fort Worth Zoo is the oldest continuous zoo site in the state of Texas, and it is home to the Museum of Living Art, a Herpetarium that gives guests an unforgettable experience with some of the planet’s most exotic and endangered species. The Museum features breath-taking hand-painted murals among thousands of reptiles, amphibians and more that live and breathe as natural works of art. Visit for a peek at North America’s biggest saltwater crocodile that’s over 15 feet long. Another 15-foot beauty is the Burmese python. You’ll also find Fly River turtles, yellow spotted climbing toads, a king cobra, Komodo dragons, and many more.

One thing the Dallas-Fort Worth area is known for and proud of is the phenomenal food. Fort Worth is all about good Tex-Mex and BBQ. Rodeo Goat has some of the best burgers in the area. They serve creatively stacked masterpieces such as the Sugar Burger with candied bacon, grilled peaches, and jalapeno jam, but even their simplest burgers are to die for. Billy’s Oak Acres is another prime spot to eat. Some have called it the best BBQ in the Metroplex with impressive loads of pecan-smoked ribs and brisket with sides of beans and macaroni and cheese. Finish it off with a comforting buttermilk pie, and you’ll be ready for a well-deserved nap.

Fort Worth is home to Wild West saloons, great barbecue, and tons of shopping. There are so many things to do around the city all year long, but what special events are going on this week?

Jeremy Steding
Jeremy steding

Jeremy Steding will be playing at the Woodshed Smokehouse on Thursday, February 11th, 2016 at 5:00 p.m.

Jeremy Steding plays vintage inspired Texas music. His fourth studio album, My Own American Dream, takes you through the highways, honky tonks and pubs of the world. He’s been a local to Austin since 2007, and has become an international touring artist staple sweeping fans away with his nostalgic country music.

Emily Wells

Emily wells

Emily Wells will be performing her musical artistry at Lola’s Saloon on February 11th, 2016 at 7:30 p.m.

Emily Wells is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, arranger, composer, and producer who plays alternative, experimental and classical music. This one woman band puts on incredible live performances by herself, and they are truly a must see! Her lyrics are subtle and beautiful, her voice is magical, and the music composition is fierce. See her live for yourself and enjoy a show like none you’ve seen before.

2016 Fort Worth Home and Garden Show
2016 Fort Worth Home and Garden Show

The Texas Home and Garden Show is coming to Fort Worth from February 13-15th, 2016 at the Fort Worth Convention Center.

The Texas Home and Garden Show series has been providing home and garden products and services for over 35 years. This event is a wonderful resource for expert advice, money saving tips, remodeling ideas, landscape features, and anything you may want or need for your home and garden. Plan to bring the whole family for a weekend of fun. There’s a FREE Kid Zone, workshops, and more!

Ticket Costs:

Adults: $10.00 | Military: $8.00 | Senior: $8.00| Children 14 and under: Free


Friday: 2:00pm to 7:00pm | Saturday: 10:00am to 7:00pm | Sunday: 11:00am to 5:00pm

Bullet For My Valentine
Bullet For My Valentine

Bullet For My Valentine will be playing at the House of Blues in Dallas on Thursday, February 11th, 2016 at 7:30 p.m.

BFMV is a well-known Welsh heavy metal band, and they are coming to Dallas-Fort Worth! They will be playing at the House of Blues, and tickets are starting to run out, so get yours before they run out!

Yoga at the Brewery
Yoga at the Brewery

There will be yoga at The Collective Brewery on Saturday, February 13th, 2016 from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, The Collective Brewery is hosting a Special Couples Beer and Yoga event. Bring a yoga mat and enjoy some air-conditioned yoga in the taproom and then some of Collective Brewery’s best brews.

Cost $40 – covers an hour of yoga and two beverages each for two people. You can choose from beer, Kombucha, or cold brew coffee.

Valentine X
Valentine x

A Valentine’s Day Horror Event is coming to Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, from February 12-13th, 2016 from 8:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m., and February 14th from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Valentine X includes horrifying Valentine-related characters and sets. Take part in something different and intruiging this Valentine’s Day. Gather up some friends and get ready to get scared at the candlelit night of screams!

There are plenty of other events happening in Fort Worth this Valentine’s week, so if you don’t see something that picks your interest, check out tons of other Fort Worth events coming up on, and enjoy your Valentine’s Weekend!

Austin is always alive with outstanding food, activities, music and entertainment, but what special events are going on this week?

Peppa Pig Live!
Peppa pig
Peppa Pig is playing LIVE for Peppa Pig’s Big Splash! at Moody Theater on WEdnesday, February 10th, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. Cost: $39-49

Do you have a child that can’t get enough of Peppa Pig and her love for muddy puddles? What better way to surprise them than with Peppa Pig LIVE! Come and watch Peppa make her biggest splash yet. This action-packed live show is designed for preschoolers and young fans to enjoy an unforgettable theater experience based on one of their favorite TV shows. There will be an interactive sing-a-long, dancing, familiar songs, and jumping in muddy puddles. Spend the day with Peppa Pig and her silly family as they laugh and play. It will be fun for the whole family. For more information, visit

Best Coast and Wavves
best coast waves

Best Coast, Wavves, and Cherry Glazerr are playing at Stubb’s BBQ on Thursday, February 11th, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. Cost: $25
Best Coast is an American rock duo from Los Angeles playing indie rock and indie pop music that many Austinites have grown to love. Wavves is another American rock band based in California, but they are from San Diego. The two are touring together, and on Thursday, February 11th, they will be in Austin playing an incredible show for locals to enjoy. Cherry Glazerr will also be playing, and they are an L.A. garage band coming to bring you more authentic music from the sunny state of California.

The Three Headed Monstour feat. Hawthorne Heights, Mest, The Ataris, Handguns, London Falling
The Three Headed Monstour
Hawthorne Heights, Mest, The Ataris, Handguns, and London Falling will be playing at Dirty Dog Bar on WEdnesday, February 10th, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.! Cost: $20-25

These American rock and pop punk bands are coming together on tour to bring you memories of your favorite songs from high school and today. The dirty Dog Bar features a metal bar, booze, pool tables, extreme sports on TV, and a stripper pole.

This Will Destroy You
This Will Destroy You

This Will Destroy You is playing live at Barracuda on Tuesday, February 9th, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

This Will Destroy You, or TWDY, is a local American post-rock band from San Marcos, Texas coming to play for Austin. The band is known to play shows that have a special way of keeping their audience hypnotized and entertained. The band is passionate about music, professional in manner, and overall great to see live. Check out this local band and show your support.
Shovels and Rope
Shovels and Rope
Shovels and Rope will be playing at Moody Theater on Thursday, February 11th, 2016 at 8:00 p.m.

Shovels and Rope is an American folk duo from South Carolina. The two come together and blend traditional folk with rock and roll, country rock, and punk rock. This down to earth band is sure to make for a great night out on the town. This husband and wife team will sing a beautiful harmony-driven folk show right before Valentine’s Day. The perfect show for a romantic date night.
There are dozens of shows and events in honor of Valentine’s Day happening throughout the week and on the day of as well. These include, but are definitely not limited to: Fetish: A Valentine’s Menage A Trois, several tributes to popular bands, The Dating Game, Valentine’s Austin Flea, Rock Candy Valentines, Mortified ATX: Valentine’s Edition, and so much more. Whether you’re taken, single, married, or not exactly sure what’s going on, there’s an event for you this Valentine’s week.